Broken down and need a hand with getting the e-book onto your device?

You're in the right place! Here's how to go from zero to reading in a few minutes...

computer with sendowl payment portal

Step One

Choose what you want to pay and enter your payment details and email address.

Go grab a coffee, an email is flying your way as fast as it can...

Step Two

Once the email has landed in your inbox, click the link it tells you to go to. From there you'll get to choose your device type and the download will start right away.

computer with sendowl payment portal
computer with sendowl payment portal

Get Reading!

Feel free to use the e-book on anything with a screen! To get it onto your kindle, simply plug it in and copy the file across!

Just looking for the link to get all of this started?

Here it is!

Still lost? Flick me an email here and I'll sort you out.